miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

Is hypocrisy a trend now?

Sometimes I don’t know how a person can be so fake. Lately I’ve been witnessing and watching true hypocrisy in front of my face. And believe me it’s just getting under my nerves and I really need to spit it out.

It may be hard for you to accept, but people would rather hear a lie than the truth, it's because the truth hurts worse than a lie. People would rather see you fail than succeed, their reasoning behind this is jealousy and fear, people are always jealous and fearful that someone may get one step above them, or become more successful than they, they can deny it, like they would any subconscious addiction or illness, but sub-consciously they cannot deny it, such is the instinctive cancer of our primitive brains.

Thus is the basis of their judgment, a feeble attempt to vindicate themselves to make themselves feel superior to another, ignoring their own iniquities at the benefit of watching another suffer or causing them discomfort or pain. We are all susceptible to this psychological disease, it leads to all points negative, and it can and has stemmed into racist views, and worse case scenario violence.

Humans love to watch each other suffer, so long as the victim is not one of their own, just turn on the TV and see the suffering for yourself, take a peak into the window of the human soul, this disease is rampant through all society's and none are immune to it's influence. It is our barbaric instincts that rule our instinctive thought patterns and that which influences our decisive judgments of what we believe to be righteous.

No matter what good deeds you do for your fellow man, they will eventually hate you for it, because it impedes and belittles them as being weak and inferior. They will always judge you, and point their accusing fingers. Just remember, to question the three fingers pointing back at their own iniquities. Some people are just insecure.

I suspect that many people find that judging others distracts from their own weaknesses. People view others as they view themselves. Therefor this leads to judgment. I know i have tons of flaws that get the best of my personality and the way i act around people and i know i'm not a gold coin to be well accepted by everyone. But one thing i know i've been raised with and it's the power of not being hypocritical with myself. I just can't act or be nice and friendly with someone i know i dislike. And i just don't understand how some people can tolerate seeing themselves become fake and foolish.

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  1. Escribes precioso Zuzzette, pero seguimos con el mismo problema del idioma...Quiero ESPAÑOL! Cuál es el Miedo??? :-/

    Trata de resumir un poquito más, pero repito, resulta precioso leerte. Te Felicito.