miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

One choice, your choice..

Life is what you choose. You choose your own way..

Your own experience.
An expression of Love is a choice just as an expression of fear is a choice.

"Love and Fear are the most powerful ways of being that you can experience. In fact everything in your life every thought that you think, every word that you speak, every action you take falls under one of these powerfully creative headings".

"You are at all times thinking, speaking and acting out of love or out of fear. They cannot coexist. Sometimes you think humans are just acting natural, or by auto sorta neutral way, but in fact any type of movement it's moved by one of these stupid and insatiable feelings.. In the same way all sponsoring emotions experienced can be and are categorized under one or the other.. Either love or fear"

In fact becoming consciously aware of the power of both and learning to consciously direct your thoughts, beliefs and emotions toward love, regardless of the "perceived" appearances in your physical world, will prove to provide "profound" transformation in each of your physical outcomes. But how comes that these two forms i might say that control human behavior can makes us so emotional drowned around?

Quite simply.. Love attracts to you what you love and fear pushes what you love away. Put another way: fear attracts to you what you fear and love pushes what you fear away. But, if you put it this way, at the end, the only one and the only reason of encountering with either love or fear is one little subject.. Ourselves, Human beings, just the same seeking creatures that we relate to.

But, my concern in this matter is that, i have accepted to accept fear from almost everything.. Fear of loss, of failure, of success, of the unknown, of the Future, of the past, fear of…??? The list is endless..."Infinite" in fact. But I REFUSE! I refuse, to just settle down to accept people's fear of life, of love, of ways. I don't need to share others fear rather my own, and i have enough. All that needs to be done is to replace that stupid feeling with good ones. That happens as a choice. An individual choice that you have the right as well as the ability to make.

I made that choice, a decision in which i won't ever accept nothing that will take my precious time, i won't care what they say i should be like, or what i am like, or how i need to act or respond. I won't accept nothing that controls my life, i won't accept people's failures, people's indecision, indications, issues, people's insecurities, of what they want, what they need and what they think should do. NO.. ENOUGH! It's been enough..

I'll do whatever it takes, to never ever, let myself get control by fear or by others, i won't let others capacity of manipulating people take control of my situations, my life. And if i have to create my own atmosphere to succeed I WILL, and if i have to make my own jokes so i can laugh by myself on the way I WILL.. I'm tired of looking for security, i'm tired of just relying on faith, i've lost my faith in humans and there's nothing more i can do than just believe..

When looked at from a deeper perspective, seeking security is simply another form of fear disguised. Seeking security implies that you don't already have available to you what is needed to be secure and the reality is that you already do. As i recall, EVERYTHING already exists as a "probability of existence." You only need to create it and call it to you. To "attract" it to you through a focus of Love and good vibes.

Fear keeps people stuck doing what they feel they "have" to do to have their security and as a result few rarely venture out to fulfill their passion and purpose which would, when done with the proper intention, "out of love" provide them with far more security than any trade of something that you really not only want but you need.

So, at the end, we rely on that little thing, that we don't have the slightest idea of what it is, we just take a lit of faith in it and then we blame it all to fear cause that's what we get when we let our hearts win.. Just one thing i can tell you my friend, whatever it is, whatever it takes, whatever you do...

If you want it, if you need it


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