lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Words that help my thoughts

First of all. I know that i'm not that kind of person that is always writting and stuff cauze i just don't really know if ppl care about the thing on my head but this time i just let myself write some things that i've been thinking about lately. The only fact that i know is that thoughts change and you decide whether they are bad or good for you! I wrote some i'll said... for me facts that i believe i discover with the help of many special people in my life right now and myself too. And maybe this is the longest thing i will write! Maybe.

Whether we want to admit it or not,and certainly whether we like it or not,life if full of difficulties.It's an inevitable part of the package.The question becomes: Do our problems and difficulties ruin us,turn us sour and apathetic,or destroy our spirits? The answer is:It completely depends on how you look at them.It suggest that when something goes wrong,rather than reacting as usual,feeling defeated,going crazy,or getting drepressed,we can look at the situation differently.

Is there something we can learn. Patience,perspective,humility,generosity,perseverance,or something else? Is there some way this problem can make us better people? Do we absolutely,positivily have to overreact? Or can we rise above it? For me the simple act of being open to the possibility that my problems may be able tto teach me something, That there just might be a hidden gift.

Is often enough to transform your problems into new opportunities. By keeping an open mind and looking at the problem in something that actually can help you. Many of us inadvertently create stress in our lifes by making the mistake of understimating ourself. Failing to have adequate confidence in our abilities means we must rely on others to quide and direct us. The reason this is so stressful is that it encourages us to seek acceptance and approval from outside sources. Rather than from within ourselfs.

On the other hand, when you give yourself the credit you deserve and when you have confidence in yourself, you are in charge and have control over the thing you are seeking. I learn how to be proud of myself, knowing that i've done my best. It's why i realize that no one is going to be able to hand my self-confidence. Rather it's a decision i must made. And i don't know why it took me so long to find it. Thats's why i start thinking that thing happen for a reason and that if something makes me feel like crap or bad or whatever, after i try everything in my life then is not worth it and i have to move on. Someone really special toll me that confidence creates the inner atmosphere to succeed.! And she was so damn right! You can do everything you put your head and heart into it.!

It just ends up in what we do for our best! And keep possibillities and enthusiasm always in our minds. cause we don't know what could happend. Its normal that when you are in a bad mood everthing seems to suck. But i learn that i won't let my low moods trick me and don't let the low moods of others trick me either! Nor i'm not telling that you have to stop caring about your friends. Cause i'm always caring! Otherwise i wouldn't try.! Blah... i think i went on with the flow! hahaahaha!

Indeed I just wanna thanks all those people that have been in my life. The ones i would never forget cauze from each one i've learn things! and with my ups and downs, I just keep learning and that's the fact that make me who i am today!

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